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Facts Parents Need to Know:

The college applications that your child submits must represent a student who appeals to the Admissions Committee at that particular college or university.

The Admissions Committee is comprised of the all-important people who decide if your child is a “good match” for their campus community.

Is this student a good fit?
What will this student bring to the campus community?
Will this student readily participate in college activities and organizations?
Will the professors find this student academically qualified to be attending this college?

Your child’s application will be one of thousands.
Each application is reviewed very quickly; it may be read by two people, yet it will get only “one shot” to receive the coveted letter of Congratulations!

Every detail about your child's application must distinguish it from the others.
Your child’s application must be impressive.
Your child's application must show his “personality”.
How is your child going to showcase how he is unique and yet a team player?

College Consulting with Lily Trayes.

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