College Consulting for a Select Few Students.

Ivy League Placement

College Consulting Results

The students who received college consulting with Lily Trayes at Ivy League Placement in the academic year 2010 – 2011 were very pleased with their results.

SAT scores:

Critical Reading: 670 Math: 790
Writing: 660
Essay: 8

Subject Tests:

Spanish: 800
French with listening: 800 Math II-C: 750
Physics: 620

Was admitted to 10 colleges:
Barnard, Brown, Chicago Columbia, Duke, Emory, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts.
SAT scores:

Critical Reading: 690 Math: 790
Writing: 740
Essay: 10

Subject Tests:

Spanish: 800
French with listening: 730 Math II-C: 790
Physics: 750

Paul was admitted to 12 colleges:
Boston College (Honors Program), Columbia, Duke, George Washington, Mc Gill, U. Michigan, Northwestern, Tufts, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, and U. Virginia.
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