College Consulting for a Select Few Students.


The Quiz - Does Your Child Qualify For Ivy League Placement?

a. I could easily teach my child how to drive a car.
b. I am confident my child can teach himself how to drive.
c. I would definitely pay for driver’s education.
a. My child meets all deadlines and never procrastinates.
b. My child usually waits to the last minute, but does well.
c. My child tends to procrastinate which has consequences.
a. My child is ultra-humble and never boasts.
b. My child fails to recognize how talented he is.
c. My child is completely aware of what he has to offer.
a. My child is artistic, dramatic, or musically talented.
b. My child is an outstanding athlete.
c. My child is fluent in more than 2 languages.
a. My child has all “A”s on his transcript.
b. My child has all “A”s and “B”s on his transcript.
c. My child has taken the most difficult classes at school. 
a. My child is anxious about the college application process.
b. We, his parents, are anxious about the process.
c. We helped our other children; this will be a “snap”. 
a. My child is confident he will get into his first choice.
b. My child says it doesn’t matter where he goes to college.
c. My child wants a Top 15 college or university very much. 
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