College Consulting for a Select Few Students.



  • To work one-on-one with each student by e-mail, telephone and office meetings
  • To motivate each student on the importance of editing, rewriting and refinement of each segment of the application
  • To work closely with each student to set deadlines for every element of the application
  • To provide creative ideas for the college applications
  • To create an effective and results-producing presentation on both the résumé and supporting materials
  • All deadlines for college applications – Early Decision & Regular
  • To offer timing and insightful recommendations on the submission of SAT scores
  • To review and oversee each application thoroughly before it is submitted
  • To coordinate the compilation of all materials for the final application
  • To oversee and monitor the delivery of any additional materials needed for each application, including proof of mailing and show of receipt by the colleges and universities
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