College Consulting for a Select Few Students.


International Students Success











  • A Japanese girl living in Tokyo.
    Admitted to B.C., Cornell, and Notre Dame.
    Will attend B.C.
  • A French/American girl living in Paris.
    EARLY Admission to Columbia University (IVY)
    currently attending Columbia
  • An "American" boy who grew up in Paris and
    attended a top high school there.
    EARLY Admission to Yale University (IVY)
    currently attending Yale
  • A French/American girl attending high
    school in Paris Applied to 7 U.S. colleges
    and was admitted to all of them
    currently attending Fordham
  • A French/South American girl attending
    school in France Admitted to Columbia,
    Brown, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, Duke,
    Chicago, Emory, Barnard Will attend
    Princeton University.
  • A tri-lingual American boy living in Dubai
    EARLY Admission to New York University’s
    Stern School of Business
  • A Venezuelan girl living in New York.
    Will attend Emory University.

How does IVY LEAGUE PLACEMENT college consulting
work with International Students living abroad?

The best way to start is the Person-to-Person Initial College Consulting Interview with Lily Trayes in her Manhattan office. However, that is not always possible.

For the past three years, Lily Trayes has traveled to Paris in September and Tokyo in March. Lily gives a presentation to parents and then makes appointments for college consulting initial consultations with the student and the parents

For those students who want to get started but don’t plan to visit the U.S. until a later time, the initial college consulting session is done on Speaker Phone or SKYPE.

Before the college consulting session in New York, Lily Trayes must assess the High School grades, the curriculum the student has chosen, and evaluate SAT scores if the student has SAT scores. Lily Trayes explains the process to the family and which tests will be needed such as the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Once grades and testing scores are submitted, Lily can then suggest which colleges are a GOOD MATCH for the student,

Once a possible LIST of GOOD MATCH colleges is compiled, the student and parents plan a trip to the U.S. to visit American colleges and universities, and Lily Trayes plans the itinerary for the family to visit several of the universities and colleges on the LIST.

Upon arrival in New York, the student and parents meet Lily Trayes for their first college consulting session. If possible, Lily Trayes will accompany them on a Campus Visit for an Information Session and Campus Tour of a university where the student will most likely apply; showing them what to look for on each campus and how to follow up with the Admissions Office.

After the student visits the U.S. colleges, the student understands what is offered and what is expected at each institution.

Once the student returns home, a weekly SKYPE and/or Telephone Speaker Phone appointment is scheduled for Lily Trayes to proceed with the college consulting with the student.

Every detail of each college application is reviewed and explained, and the student learns how to highlight his/her strengths and accomplishments on the application.

Lily Trayes’ “brainstorming sessions” whether in person or on SKYPE -- are a creative process that leaves students excited about their writing and the topics they wish to elaborate on in the many essays that are required on the college applications.


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