College Consulting for a Select Few Students.


Students come away from brainstorming sessions with Lily Trayes,
beaming with enthusiasm. She knows how to build a student's
self-confidence and she energizes them to recognize their
talents and accomplishments.

College consulting helps the student to pat himself on the back
and to take pride in his abilities. College consulting shows the
student how to translate his skills and experiences into
successful positive reasons that make the student one
the admissions committee can visualize at their institution.

After 12 years of successful college consulting, Lily Trayes knows how the college application can draw the attention
of the Admissions Departments to the important elements in each student's application; an application that will resonate
with images of the mature and responsible student who is being
presented on the application.

The ultimate goal in completing each application is to focus on the word, Congratulations! College Consulting helps a student
not only to think about winning; but about earning the reward. The more energy, time, and careful thinking that a student
invests in presenting himsself in the best possible light, the better the results.

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