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In the case of Early Decision, a student may find it difficult to declare to parents, friends,and a
guidance counselor that they want to take a big risk, to “go out on a limb.” Yet,the college application process demands risk-taking. It takes great courage to place one application in a competitive Early Decision pool of perhaps 2,300 competing students.

The important thing to remember if you want the reward of Congratulations– be very careful which college or university you select for Early Decision. OK, there's your child up in a tree on a slim bending branch, reaching far out with one hand to grasp the shiny apple at the end of the limb. You are the parent; and your first instinct and actually your job; is to call out, “Get down from there, you're going to get hurt.”

Yet, many parents find themselves in this situation during the fall of senior year.

The student says,"I’m applying Early Decision to Brown University. I know I don’t stand a chance, but I’ve always wanted to go there, so I'll apply Early and see what happens."

However, after the student spends time on the application and submits it; he begins to
visualize himself at Brown next year. Then this student begins to truly believe in his chances at Brown, forgetting his initial comment about not standing a chance. The student now anxiously awaits a YES letter from Brown on December 15th,

With the proper college consulting, this student could have discovered some wonderful other
colleges where his grades and SAT scores and his abilities and activities were a Good Match. Students often “set themselves up” for disappointment with the Early Application to the wrong institution Another bad side effect of this student dreaming of Brown next year, is that he is not placing enough energy on the other applications which must be completed by January 1st. When the student receives a “No” from his Early Decision university; he must spend the December holiday preparing his other applications. #1. The applications need more time than that to be wonderful! #2. The student's recent disappointment does not bring out self confidence as he
prepares his new applications.

So, before your child climbs out onto a limb, let’s be sure he or she selects the best tree. Then let’s do everything it takes to help him reap the rewards!

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