College Consulting for a Select Few Students.

Lily Trayes

Director and Founder
Ivy League Placement

Lily Trayes founded Ivy League Placement to bring her expertise to a few select students who want the additional support and direction it takes to get to the Congratulations! in college admissions.

Lily is the only private college consultant in New York City with 12 years of experience as a Director of College Counseling. Lily knows how to help students showcase their academic and personal talents in such a way that their college applications reflect their unique and distinguishing capabilities. The end result of following the Ivy League Placement guidelines produces success in getting accepted to the college
of one's choice.

12 years of college counseling experience in independent schools, gives Lily the advantage of close relationships with the deans and directors at all of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S. Lily has a proven success record as the Director of College Counseling at three independent schools; one in California and two in Manhattan. The college counseling programs created by Lily Trayes have produced remarkable increases in those coveted letters of ‘Congratulations!’

2003 – 2008
Lycée Français de New York, New York, NY, Director of College Consulting. The students’ success rate at Ivy League universities broke all records in the School's 70-year history! Beginning in 2004, LFNY students were admitted to all 8 Ivy League, as well as Stanford, MIT, Duke, Emory, RISD, and the University of Chicago.

1999 – 2003
Marymount School, New York, NY, Director of College Consulting
Each year, with Lily Trayes as the Director of College Consultating, admissions to Ivy League and the Top 20 colleges and universities increased. The Marymount students won impressive scholarships; and parents and students were delighted with the outstanding
college consulting they received.

Fairmont Preparatory School, Anaheim, CA, Director of College Consulting Established the first College
Consulting Program in a new high school for gifted students. Students were enrolled in a highly rigorous program of both AP and IB courses. 100% of the Class of 1998 matriculated to one of the Top 15 Colleges and Universities (according to US News & World Report).

Windward School, Los Angeles – Associate College Consultant. Two years under the tutelage and mentor-ship of one of the most experienced and successful consultants in California.

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