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Barnard College

Thank you for having so much patience with me! You made applications enjoyable and you made me believe in my abilities!

Brown University

I LOVE Brown. I pinch myself to believe I am really here. I have awesome professors and the students are so friendly.


My dream came true. It could never have happened without you.

Columbia University

We did it Ms. Trayes! All the way from Paris to New York. I'm so happy I will be going to Columbia in the Fall.

NYU Stern

Thanks for helping me write my essay so many times. Will we ever forget the NYU supplement questions? How many characters-without-spaces
does it take to write a good essay? How do you know how to do that?

Yale University

How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for our daughter. I don’t think you realize how much your belief in her meant to her and how much it motivated her and actually got her to believe in herself. You truly made a difference.

Dartmouth College

Thanks, Ms. Trayes. I’m choosing Dartmouth. And, I’m still on the Wait List at Yale

Yale University

Thank you for everything you have done to help me get through this process. You have been amazing – honest and blunt, but still hopeful and reassuring. You not only put hours into my future, but you also poured your heart into my dreams. Thank you for playing such an integralrole in all my college acceptances.

Emory University

MANY, MANY THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSS to you for pushing Nicolas to do the Early Decision #2 which we had never heard about. I am a happy mother today thanks to you and due to your excellent advice.

Harvard University

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me over the past year. From helping me revise my essays a thousand times and calming me down in an application crises, you have always been warm and patient. Thank you for your advice and encouragement, and for helping me to dream big!


Thank you for your amazing advice.

Princeton University

Thank you for helping Chloe shoot for the stars. This is a 'pure' thrill, joy, and happiness for our family.

Princeton University

Wow. Thank you for all your help. I never thought it would be Princeton. I went to accepted students weekend and I totally love Princeton.

Stanford University

I thought it might be MIT, but I never thought it would be Stanford, MIT and Columbia!

Trinity College

You were the one to guide and hold his hand all the way and assure us he would be a good candidate for Trinity. As you know, his school did not even want him to apply there. This will make a world of difference to Adam’s future.

Tufts University

I have been so lucky that you shared your outstanding experience to get me into U.S. colleges. I will never forget your enthusiasm, your sense of humor and your encouragement.

Tufts University

Camille received seven 'Yes' letters!!! Especially the Big envelope from Camille’s first choice, Tufts.

University of Chicago

I would like to express my gratitude for all the help and advice you have given our son during the grueling college application process. It is largely due to your tenacity and dedication that he has been accepted at the University of Chicago.

University of Pennsylvania

Thank you for doing everything I know you did to get me into not only UPenn but also into Huntsman. I don’t think I ever could have done it without you, and I’m sure you did so much more behind the scenes to push my entry. I can’t find the words to express the joy and the gratitude that I feel right now.

Wellesley College

Thank you so much for helping me realize that Wellesley has everything I wanted in a college. The classes are amazing. I am soooooo happy.

NYU Stern School of Business

Thanks, Ms. Trayes. You helped me so much all the way from New York. And now I'm coming to New York. Yeahhhhh.

Yale University

Our deepest thanks for your advice and guidance all along this past year. You have played a pivotal role in our daughter’s life.

Stanford University

Merci beaucoup, Ms. Trayes.

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